Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Hands are Delicious!!

On Pi Day Drek and invited over his cousins for pie after work. His cousin introduced us to the "pi song" which is quite interesting. The pies were pecan and cherry from Village Inn. I think next year I will make fresh fruit pie cups instead of having huge pies that aren’t very tasty. Eating pie just because it is Pi day is fine, but turning Pi day into an opportunity to make delicious pie cups is even better.

That night was girl’s night out. Married friends are always fun to hang out with because most of the problems you're going through are so similar, and you can't really talk to someone who isn't married yet, or is already onto the next phase of life. The other great reason married girls night out is so great is because at the end, I realize how lucky I am with my marriage, and my perfect husband. It makes me step back and appreciate how good he is to me.
There were four of us. We met at a yummy restaurant and had dinner. Afterward we went to the mall. We picked out prom dresses for each other and then tried them on because it seemed like something you do on a girl’s night out. Margaret needed a new outfit for a huge interview so we went around finding her a nice top and shoes that went with her skirt. I think we did a great job. I guess we'll find out on Friday.
Our wanderings took us into Victoria's Secret (of course). Megan grabbed my hand and sprayed something called "whipped body moisturizer" on it. It acted just like whipped cream, but was green, because it was "Appletini". I rubbed it over my hands to make them smell good and she did the same to her hands. A few minutes later she gasped and yelled out "lick your hands!!" as it turns out, this stuff is delicious. VERY delicious. We went back to investigate and were relieved to find out that is is, indeed, edible. Yummy.
Also yummy was later that night when Megan and I went shopping for ingredients to make caramel popcorn, which turned out amazing. I will have to make it another time.

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