Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

March 2008 is stuffed full of holidays. Almost to the point of me asploding. Almost.

Saturday was the celebration of St. Patrick's day. After the rest of the world celebrated it due to the holy days, but before the actual 17. It evens out. The party was a huge success. My mom did the most amazing job of decorating and everyone brought yummy and festive food. 17 people showed up, an amazing turnout considering only 18 were invited. We played a short round of killer bunnies, which morphed into pirates dice, then turned into two separate games of pirates dice once all the guests showed up. We then ate yummy food and played a huge game of werewolf using the IRA as werewolves, the Irish as villagers, and we even added a role of the leprechaun. That was followed by a game of Elixir. I'm hoping Xirax will post some of the photos he took.

Today I ate my traditional Irish breakfast: Lucky charms. Tonight I will try and make Champ for dinner.

Wednesday is the birthday of one of the married friends. We are taking her out to breakfast at IHOP. i am looking forward to this.

Also Wednesday, I am going over to my sister's house to make Easter cookies. I'm not sure how Drek and I will celebrate Easter, we will have to see. The fact that Easter falls on the 23rd of March (Liberation Day) complicates things. Perhaps now that I am married Liberation Day should be a thing of the past?

The 20th is the first day of spring. If the weather is nice I am thinking a picnic would be nice.

The 26th is Drek's mother's birthday. I have no ideas for this. It also happens to be the 1 year anniversary of when Drek proposed. Perhaps a hike up to the spot where he proposed? Maybe even a campfire with marshmallows. hmmm...

And, of course, the I am throwing a baby shower on the 29th. This has been a long and complicated ordeal. I will explain the ordeal later.

Happy St. Patrick's day!!

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