Thursday, March 06, 2008

Come One, Come All

There will be a Happy St. Patrick’s Day party on the 15th of March. I will be making an Irish dinner. Everyone is invited; just bring something yummy that relates to St. Patrick’s day (green cupcakes, shamrock cookies, root beer).

The smoke smell is gone from our house. I think the key was the ceiling, after I mopped it with vinegar and baking soda the smell slowly faded. Thank goodness.

The sun has decided to come out again. Despite the sunshine yesterday, it was very cold. Today it is a little warmer.

On Tuesday Drek took me to see I am Legend. I highly enjoyed it, but I think there was more to it. It never explained how that Zombie guy was so enough to set a trap? It is intriguing enough to read the book. Does surviving as the last man on earth count as a craft? Then I could use it toward BAMC. Drek and I are going to the Library tomorrow, I will see if they have it. Thus far, I am not impressed with the Library's new HOLD system. I have had three different books on hold for six weeks. I was supposed to be next in line on all three of them. Something has gone wrong.

On the subject of visiting teaching . . . One girl I visit teach realizes she needs to be visit taught and is very good about it. The other girl needs to be bribed. I started this last month, by bribing her with desserts, which she loves. Last month the dessert she requested for this month was chocolate mousse. I have never made this before, so I attempted to practice with the recipe last night. Half-way through, I realized instead of buying heavy whipping cream, I got half and half. It turned out tasty, but more chocolate milk than chocolate mousse. Oh well, I will try again on Saturday. I have to have it right by Sunday.

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