Thursday, March 13, 2008

On the Subject of Food

It seems that lately a lot of my energy has gone into food, rather than getting my energy from food.

Sunday morning I made chocolate mousse for my visiting teachee. It turned out amazing. I didn't have fresh raspberries to top it with, so I used maraschino cherries instead. The presentation itself was delicious.
My visiting teacher loved the mousse, and in return gave me something called "friendship bread". Apparently, some bread (like sourdough and the aforementioned friendship) need something called a "starter" to make. "Starter" apparently, means fermented. Who knew? Anyway, this liquid mix is inside a plastic bag. I have to mush it everyday for ten days, then add a bunch of stuff, cook it, and I guess it will be delicious. It will also make 4 other bags of this "starter" mess that I am supposed to pass on. The sheet of instructions that came with the bag had been copied about 50 times. It had been spilled on, torn and such in-between these copies. It was a mess. So I took it to work and typed up a fresh copy. While I was doing this, a customer around my age came in. She has been in before, and I have gotten to know her quite well. She noticed what I was working on, and commented "instead of using vanilla pudding, use chocolate, and also add shredded zucchini." Apparently this friendship bread really gets around.

Tuesday night Drek wanted crepes for dinner. Crepes meaning fresh made crepes filled with pie fruit filling and cool whip. He also suggested that instead of using cool whip, I use the yummy crème cheese stuffing his sister uses in crepes. He called her, got the recipe, we went to the store to get the ingredients, and I made him his yummy dinner. I was not content with such a dinner. I had already made the crepes, so why not go one step further? I sautéed the mushrooms, steamed the spinach cooked the eggs and expertly made hollandaise sauce. Voila!! 30 minutes later I had one of my favorite foods in the whole world: a spinach and mushroom stuffed crepe. Oh, I am telling you, it was amazing. AMAZING!!

Saturday is the Irish party, and I am making Irish scones and Potato Farls. I have never made either of these before, but from looking at the recipe I gather it will be much easier than hollandaise sauce or chocolate mousse. I am not anticipating problems. While looking through the World Wide Web for delicious Irish recipes, I also came across something called Champ, which I think I will make for dinner on the 17th. Yum.

The next dessert for my Visiting teacher is No Bake Lime Mousse Torte. It is the same dessert my sister made for her birthday. If I can make it half as well, it will be heaven for all taste buds.

Considering I didn't cook anything until 4 years ago, and I am teaching myself how to cook, I think I am doing well.

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