Friday, March 28, 2008

Encounter With an Evil Monster Of Biting Fierceness

Drek is canyoneering this weekend. This gives me a fantastic opportunity to make up the two days I took of from work because I was dying and then recovering from dying.
This weekend is also the Home Expo, where dozens of business set up dozens of displays under one roof, and thousands of people come to get all home related shopping done in one place. Of course, our store has a display. It was here I encountered the monster.
I was at this display, manning our booth this morning. My manager had to go move the truck, so I was there by myself. Someone came up and asked to try out our Inversion Table. This particular Inversion Table, is a monster. It has razor sharp fangs and a jaw like a steel trap. I have included a picture so everyone knows what an Inversion Table looks like.

I adjusted the Inversion Table to the girl's height. The monster did not like being adjusted, so it bit me. It snapped its steel trap jaw full of razor sharp fangs on my finger. I did not react right away, because I was with people. Two minutes later, when they left, I looked at my finger and realized the monster was also poisonous, and my finger was swelling up with it's lethal injection. I was also bleeding all over the place. Five minutes later my manager came back and I ran to the bathroom, blood running down my arm. My finger still had some sort of swollen lump on it. I am told this is called a blood blister. Whatever it is, it is disgusting. Disgusting.

Luckily, Drek came and saved me, gave me Advil, hugs, and a bandaid, and then ran off to his own adventure, sending me back to work. I did some more expo-ing, then came back to the store. Normally, I would be home now, but I am staying late to make up hours. And because I am avoiding going home to an empty house.
As a side note, when I came back to the store, from the expo, I noticed that the paper listing the advanced sales trasining courses was out. The one in August, in Dallas TX was circed, with my name written next to it. SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! My boss isn't here for me to talk to, but I am pretty sure this means that he wants me to go!! Which means a side trip to Arkansas in is the works!!!

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