Sunday, May 07, 2006

Boys clean up nice

Saturday evening I had the privilege of going to Kirsa and Mike's wedding reception. This turned out to be a blast and here is why:
I hitched a ride in a car with three very sharp dressed men. I am serious. They were all so good looking! It was amazing!
We played that band game (Where the last letter of the band you name must be the first letter of the band the next person names) and it was so much fun! Congratulations to the Prattman for stumping us all! Bravo!
The ride up was quite enjoyable and once we got there we joined other quarkies for much fun. Weddings are so strange. People just act differently. Russell told me all of his romantic plans for the future and Pratt even talked to me about his plans.
I talked a lot with James who I didn't get to know very well before he left in December. He is such an interesting guy.
Kim and Jill looked so beautiful in their dresses and of course Kirsa looked amazing. She also looked very, very happy. She couldn't stop smiling. Kim said she had been like that all day.
Afterward I got to spend the better part of an hour talking with Pratt. Oh Pratt, I shall miss your face.
So all in all, much fun


  1. Thepratt12:16 PM

    I'm missing you too, Kayla. Hope all is going well and I'm glad we clean up well. :-)

  2. I'm so jealous of you right now...I'm sad that I missed the wedding...

  3. Man, that'll teach me to not check people's blogs on a regular basis! This really made my day today :) For what it's worth, I really enjoyed our conversations too.


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