Friday, May 19, 2006


Today, I had three missions:

1) Buy tickets to the midnight showing of X III: The Last Stand
2) Buy two tickets to Da Vinci Code for me and Da Krisling
3) Drop some Japanese lotion of to Krisling at the Krisling's office

So this morning Rissy picks me up and we drive over to get the tickets, BUT FIRST! to 7 eleven to get the collectible X men slurpie cups. I explain to the man that I want the cup, but I actually do not like slurpies, so may I please fill the cup with hot chocolate? The answer was in the affirmative so the cups were bought and we were off! Again!
A slight complication: because of the slurpie detour it is now more efficient to go the the movie theater first, and go to Krisling's office second.
On the way to the theater Krisling calls and cancels mission #2.
We get there, the line is out the door. Thankfully, they are all in line for Da Vinci Code, which is very close to being sold out for the whole day by the time we reach the front of the line. Also, there is now a sign indicating X III tickets are on sale.
"eight tickets to the midnight showing of X III!"
"um, we actually can't do that."
"What? Why?"
"They're not on sale yet"
"What? But we called yesterday, they said today, the sign! THE SIGN!!!"
"It's not in the computer yet, I'm sorry, I can't sell you the tickets."
"You do not understand. I NEED these tickets. I have come here everyday for the last week trying to get these tickets. I was told they would be on sale TODAY! The sign says 'on sale now' and I want them NOW!"
"I can give you the direct phone number here so you can call in and ask tomorrow."
I consented, and sadly left.
Mission 1: FAILED
We drove to Krisling's work. en route, she calls and says she DOES want the tickets for tonight. I inform her I could have gotten them, but as we were speaking someone was probably buying the last tickets, so we could not get them.
Mission 2: FAILED
"Also," she adds, "I left my office and am driving home."
We continue to converse and drive home. While in traffic, I spot a familiar car up ahead.
"Kris, are you on mumble mumble road?"
"I see you, I am in the other lane, seven cars behind you."
"Oh, that's exciting."
and that's when my honor took control. I had three missions that morning, I had failed two, I would not fail again. "Rissy, CATCH UP TO THAT KRISLING!!!!!!!!!"
And the chase was on. I held the lotion out the window to hand off, Rissy caught up to the car, Krisling freaks out and signs no, she will not grab the lotion. FINE! I will throw it into her window!! The angle is not right!! "DRIVE faster!!!" No! Cars switching lanes! Falling behind! Ah! A red light! The Krisling is stopped three cars ahead, I jump out, run between traffic and hand off the lotion.
Mission 3: ACCOMPLISHED!!!!
I run back to the car and jump in just as the light turns green.
Oh the adventure.


  1. Theprattone6:45 PM

    Good luck on getting those tickets! I miss you.

  2. You got the X III title wrong, dorkus.

  3. There. I fixed it. Picky picky.

  4. That sounds like fun.... well anyway just thought you should know I have a blog! is the link so yeah.


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