Saturday, May 13, 2006

Finally, some closure

All the way back in October an older couple (the nicest older couple I have seen) called into the bakery and asked if we could do a brown sugar frosting. I asked them to explain what they meant and, in great detail, they told me exactly what they wanted. I explained this all to the baker and he said he could do this. The next day I called the couple back and told them we could do a cake with a brown sugar frosting. They ordered a cake, for a Halloween party, that had apparently been a tradition when they man was a child. The cake had to look exactly like he was describing it, because the cake was for nostalgic purposes. I filled out the description of what they wanted, making it extremely detailed.
A few days later the couple came down to the bakery to buy some goodies and to make sure I had the description of the cake right. This time I added a drawing to the description just so there would be no mistake.
A week later they came back to pick up the order. I went into the back to get it was mortified to find that the cake decorator (who quite frequently messes up orders) had put buttercream frosting on the cake, not brown sugar (when I later confronted her she explained she didn't know where the brown sugar frosting was). I took the cake out to the couple and asked them if we could try again for tomorrow. They said yes. So I filled out another form, even more detailed, with a diagram, and a note to the baker to make the frosting, and tell the cake decorator EXACTLY where it was.
The next day the couple came in again. The cake was not what they had ordered, the cake decorator had again used the wrong frosting. I refunded the couple's money and asked if we could try again tomorrow. The couple gave each other sad glances, mumbling something to each other. The man finally said: "Well, we would let you try again but I am going in for surgery tomorrow and I probably won't be coming out of it. The cake was supposed to be my last party cake. I'm sorry that it didn't work out. If everything goes well tomorrow we'll come in again."
I was devastated.
I know it shouldn't have hit me so hard, but these people were SO NICE! Even after I screwed up his last wish they were so nice. This story has kept me up at night, tossing and turning, to this very day. Everyday I work, I look to see if they'll come in.
Yesterday a man came into the bakery. He was just there to get some treats. I almost dropped dead. It was the same guy. He recognized me and asked, jokingly, if he ordered a cake would it be done right. I told him I would personally make it. He smiled and left.
I went into the back and almost had a heart attack. Apparently the guy is alive and doing well. Never have I been more excited to see someone walk into my work. It was amazing.


  1. prattly9:46 AM

    :-) That's awesome! I'm glad things worked out!

  2. EdgyKay6:04 AM

    This, young lady, was a charming entry.

    Do you have the right to fire incompetent bakers/icers? Because I know of two who would be doing their frosting elsewhere, if I worked there...

    Happy endings are the best!


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