Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Aftermath

On Thanksgiving I ate the rolls. I ate the cranberry sauce. I ate the stuffed mushrooms. I ate the stuffing and I ate roughly several slices of pumpkin pie. It was wonderful. 

We had our feast a little before noon. We snacked for the rest of the day. By 5pm I felt drained. i also felt...edgy. I was irritable and moody. At one point I was about to throw a tempter tantrum, and the only reason I didn't was because my inner monologue was something like this: 
"WHOA! Calm down! This is the sugar you are feeling. Just breathe, this will go away. you are really not this angry over nothing. Just calm down. Oh look! Another slice of pumpkin pie!" 

Because I had such a strong reaction I was excited the next day to go sugar-free again. know...leftovers! I had all my in-laws over and I was not in charge of my meals. My meals were Monday and Wednesday's dinners. I could have made myself my own meals, but...excuses. So I secondary sugar. And also two snack packs of oreos. And also pumpkin pie. 

And once again, my mood lost all stability and I almost threw a temper tantrum. 

And repeat on Saturday. 

Come Sunday I was actually excited to go back off sugar. Sunday was a hard day, maybe because I was coming off of a sugar high, maybe because we packed so much fun into the week and I was dead tired, but I was so, so, so tired. 

Monday was great. I was back to clear thinking and high energy. No detox symptoms this time! 

And thus my lesson is learned: Is sugar evil? No, sugar is delicious. But my life is way better when I'm off of all sugar. I do think I want to indulge here and there, but is there a way to do that without destabilizing my mood so severely? Also, is this why my kids throw tantrums? Because of sugar? 

So I suppose I'm just finishing up No Sugar Day 4. To be honest, I am worried. The holidays are all about sugar. I did great leading up up Thanksgiving, but I am attending at least 3 different Chrsitmas parties over the next two weeks. Do I eat sugar at all of them? Do I not eat sugar at any of them? 

Drek brought home Eggnog yesterday. I LOVE eggnog. I didn't have any. There is still half a gallon left in our fridge. It is calling for me. I wonder if I can make a healthy sugar-free eggnog. What is eggnog made from, anyway? 


  1. Um, eggs and nog. Obviously.

  2. I made homemade eggnog and it was amazing. I sort of like eggnog but hate the aftertaste. My version was missing the...I can only describe it as a chemical-aftertaste. It's eggs, cream, and sugar, cinnamon, and a few other tiny things (my recipe was, anyway). It's the best thing ever, but I would be curious to see what the healthy version is. I made the Alton Brown healthy-is-for-another-day version.

  3. That sounds amazing!! I want to make it right now!


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