Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sugar Detox Day 23

After talking with several people, I've decided to break my no-sugar streak tomorrow. I met my goal and I'm proud of myself. I did it! Hooray! I'd like to stay off of sugar, but like so many other things, the stumbling block is the social aspect; I'm just not thrilled with the idea of not eating anyone else's food tomorrow. I'm making the sweet potato casserole (sugar free!) but other than that, the rolls, the cranberry sauce, the pies, the drinks, the panko for the stuffed mushrooms...are made with sugar. The stuffing and turkey are, of course, made with meat, so I can't have that either. That leaves me with mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, which I would be fine with on a normal day, but this is Thanksgiving, and I don't want to offend my in-laws by not eating. More than that, I want to fit in and not be the "that person" that has such strict dietary restrictions that everyone is afraid to even mention food in my presence.

I'm not anti-sugar, so I don't feel it's worth the social stigma to skip the Thanksgiving feast. I also don't think I'll become addicted to sugar again in just one day, so I'm confident I won't have to detox again. I'll eat sugar within reason on Holidays, but my life really is better without sugar the rest of the time.

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