Friday, November 11, 2016

Sugar Detox Day 11

Yesterday was not a good day. I think it has less to do with sugar an more to do with the fact that I started my period again for the first time after my youngest was born. That's and entire two years with no period. And now it's back and trying to kill me.

I started on Tuesday and it was...annoying, gross, a little painful and I felt sluggish, but nothing unusual and nothing I couldn't handle (and have handled every month for most of my life).

Yesterday was different. I had no energy yesterday. To say I was grumpy is an understatement. I was depressed and dealing with some serious rage. I haven't been that dark and angry since I was pregnant (I have antepartum depression) and I'm hoping that since this was my first period in two years, the same hormones that mentally mess me up during pregnancy came out to remind me how bad it is and not to do that again for a while. I'm really hoping this doesn't turn into PDD and I have to deal with that every month.

But today is better. I'm back to annoying, gross, a little painful and I felt sluggish, which is way up from the hole I was in yesterday. I talked with my wonderful sister, who suggested diet does help with PDD, and hormones in general, so it is an extra incentive to eat healthy!

I'm really trying to focus on vegetables. I've been introduced to the concept of Buddha Bowls and it's basically changed my dinner mind-set. Usually, protein is the center of every dinner (as a vegetarian that's usually beans, sometimes tofu). Now my focus is making vegetables the center.

I'm using fruits as snacks and keeping seeds and nuts on hand for a quick handful when I get the munchies. I'm staying away from dairy and white flour, but because I'm focused on NO SUGAR AT ALL I'm being a little less strict on that front.

Because the goal is not just to go 24 days with no sugar, the goal is a healthier lifestyle.


  1. So I have a friend who has had really bad PDD. And also she's been having two periods a month for the last YEAR. Turns out she had an IUD and it deserted and floated up to her abdomen, so they had to remove it surgically. and now she hopes she can only have one period a month and less PDDness.

    Which I know is not what causes yours but it's a story anyway.

    Also PDD is the first initials of Toby's diagnosis. PDD-NOS. Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.

    It's been five years since I had a period. I am grateful I got my uterus out every single day. *shudder*

  2. I need to focus meals on vegetables too! I used to do that, but since I've been married everything has been more meat-focused since that is what Mike likes... but I think I need to slowly adjust his eating habits too.... haha


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