Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Sugar Detox Day 8

Today I had a small setback: I realized my  Morning Mix, a powder I pour into a water bottle when I am on the go, has sugar in it. A tricky one!  It really is surprising how many things have added sugar.

My internal thought process went like this: I've been eating sugar this whole time?! Well, there goes that challenge. Might as well... NO! I will not let this get me down!

I've heard that the average person will relapse, or fall of the wagon an average of 17 times before succeeding with a new goal. Success is your destination if you treat mistakes as part of the journey instead of the end of the road.

Here is an interesting and inspiring article about addictions and bad habits that says relapsing is the rule, not the exception.

So from now until Thanksgiving, no more sugar! I can do this!

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