Monday, November 07, 2016

Sugar Detox Day 7

Tomorrow morning I will have gone an entire week without eating sugar!

Oddly enough, today I spent a great deal of time going to five different stores trying to track down a certain type of candy. It wasn't for me, and for some reason, as I perused shelf after shelf of candy, it never occurred to me to buy something for myself.  And yet, as soon as I got home, I really wanted to make a giant batch of brownies and eat them all myself. I haven't made myself a sugar free chocolate treat yet and I think I'm missing chocolate a lot more than I'm missing sugar.  I'll find a good brownie recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie. My sister swears by the black bean recipe.

I read an article that says you shouldn't detox from sugar because in avoiding sugar you'll binge on other unhealthy foods and gain weight. I can see the point, I have been eating a lot of things I normally wouldn't eat because I'm being nice to myself. Still, I think the argument is weak. The point isn't to lose weight, the point it be more healthy and to drop an addiction. I just need to be smarter about my snacking choices.

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  1. I guess I don't get why people demonize sugar so much. I'd rather be addicted to sugar than heroin. It seems really sad to me to deny yourself sugar for the rest of your life, too. Like it would hurt my feelings if i offered you a piece of my birthday cake and you turned it down because sugar is Satan. Just sayin'.

    In any case the black bean brownies are, in fact, delicious. You should definitely try them. I've also heard tales that you can make brownies with avocados, but I haven't tried that one because avocados scare me.


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