Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Year of No Yelling Day 25 Featuring Lunar New Year, Lion Dancers, and Librarians

I made it another day without yelling, but I did lose a child today.

We went to a Lunar New Year celebration at a library. It was an awesome event that ended in the Chinese New Year Lions coming in and dancing. The kids loved it and so did I.

Space was limited. All the chairs were claimed, so the kids were sitting on the floor in front to see. I sat with Alexa for a while, but then was told to move to make room for the lion dancers. I put Alexa in a good spot, then moved to the side so I could watch the dace. A few minutes later I saw a librarian approach Drek, and both of them moved quickly to the back.

I knew exactly what had happened. I jumped up and followed them back to a tearful Alexa, who had gone looking for me and ended up lost and crying, only to be found by a kind mother who brought her to the librarian. Thankfully, the librarian associated Drek with Alexa and was able to find him.

So, a successful day at goal keeping, not so successful in parenting.

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