Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Year of No Yelling Day 26 Featuring Bendable Cards and Snap Reactions

After picking up Ash from school today I took all three girls grocery shopping. In anticipation of this always stressful event (kids and grocery shopping do not mix well) I gave myself a pep-talks and announced more than once that Today Is A No Yelling Day.

After getting all three kids out of the car and into the cart I made sure I had my card, which Alexa immediately asked to hold. I handed it to her, she took it, then bent it in half.

"NO!" I yelled, snatching it away. Sigh. Deep breathe. "Alexa, I'm sorry I yelled. I was afraid the card would break. If the card breaks, we can't get food today. Please don't bed cards."

Alexa nodded. I reached back in the car and grabbed another card, which is one of those useless reward cards from random business that I seem to accumulate despite my efforts to the contrary. "This one you can keep." I said.

Happy child, lesson learned, disaster averted. So how to I get my snap reactions to align with my goals?

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