Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Year of No Yelling Day 24 Featuring Baby Poop

I was successful today! No yelling and I spent some quality time with each of my wonderful kids.

Tabs is just starting out with potty training and today we had a poopy accident. I took her to the tub and washed off her little bum-bum. Alexa came to see what I was doing and gasped.

"Mama! You are touching baby poop!"

"Yep. I'm cleaning Tabs up."

"But you are TOUCHING the baby poop."



I sighed. "Because that's what's mama's do."

"Mama's touch baby poop?!" And she broke into laughter which ended in her chanting "Mama's touch baby poop, Mama's touch baby poop." Over and over around the house.

What has led me this to this? Sigh.


  1. I've heard hit pop songs with far weirder lyrics. Maybe this is a sign of a budding songwriter's first hit?

    1. Haha! If it is, I hope she gets better with practice.


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