Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Year of No Yelling Day 28 Featuring Some Eerie Foreshadowing

Some days you just can't yell, so you laugh instead.

I'm running on little sleep and frustration that my no-sugar efforts have thus far gone unrewarded. Where is my mental clarity? Where is my extra energy? Where is my memory? I've bee depriving myself of brownies and ice cream for twenty eight days now, I better see some increased patience, dangit!

Today was a super busy day with a big family trip. Those always seem like such good ideas in theory, but when you finally finish and get back in the car you wonder if all those wonderful childhood memories are really worth all the effort. Still, the kids did have fun and I got a lot of pictures, so we'll call it was a memory building experience for the kids and a character building experience for parents.

We drove the hour back and stopped at the church. Inside the bathroom we changed into church clothes and attended a baptism. Drek wrote about the event later:

Our daughter managed to get her head stuck in a chair for a couple minutes, but the speaker pretended not to notice and bravely soldiered on with his talk while I yanked on my daughter's head and my wife pulled on the chair. We finally managed to extract her head from the chair and the baptism proceeded as planned. My memories from my own mission are that Satan really comes down hard as a baptism approaches, but that was just petty. We'll see if  [the man getting baptized] is still friends with us this afternoon. Ironically, mere hours earlier, my wife had been describing a scene from "Waiting for Snow in Havana" where the author also got his head stuck in a pew when he was a little boy, during their Catholic mass. It's nice to see that public embarrassment spans all religions and ethnicities and is one more thing we have in common.

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    Oh man I hope you took PICTURES because those belong in her high school yearbook.


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