Saturday, January 07, 2017

A Year of No Yelling Day 7

Yesterday was a good day.

The book Mission For Mother by G. Hugh Allred talks about how when children act out it is because they are trying to find their place in the family. They are trying to figure out where they belong. The book says the best way to stop children from acting out is to spend time with them.

So Drek and I scheduled "date night" with our kids. We did this during the fall with great success, it just fell a little bit on our priorities. If we did it the way we should, every Friday Drek would take one daughter out on a date, while I took the other daughter out on a date. The next week we would switch daughters. It's a way for us to spend one-on-time with our kids and have positive interactions together.

For those confused by the math, yes, we do have three daughters. Tabs is little enough that she tags along on one of the dates.

Drek took Ash to see the new Disney movie in the movie theater and I took Alexa to get frozen yogurt. Alexa and I ended our date by singing "Let It Go" and dancing around the house.  We were silly just to be silly.

It was fun to spend time with her and to just be silly with her. I hope she remembers her mother like that instead of as a scary yelling monster.

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  1. omg you have to go see Moana though. It is SO GOOD.


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