Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Year of No Yelling Day 14 Featuring Talking to Yourself Creates Success

Last night Drek and I put the kids to bed, then got a babysitter to come and sit in our living room while we sneaked out for an hour to go to an open house good-bye party for one of my dear friends.

They had treats there. I ate them. Because I am an addict.

This morning I was really surprised I gave in an ate sugar. It wasn't even chocolate! What in the world was I thinking? Why would I break my goal like that?

I think it's because I've lost focus of my priorities. Getting up in the morning and saying aloud "Today is a No Sugar Day" really helped me back in November. I said it my husband, I announced to my kids, I texted my friends and asked them to hold me accountable. Now, it's just another thing I'm working on.

I think applying the same thing to yelling will also help a lot. Today I think I yelled...I'm really not sure because I didn't lose my temper, and it wasn't done in anger, but I think I did raise my voice a few time, again because I think I'm losing focus of my priorities.

So tomorrow I will start the day by announcing to the mirror, or to my family, or to whomever or whatever is listening that  Today is a No Yelling and No Sugar Day.

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  1. Oh, I wrote that last comment before reading this post. Sounds like the babysitter already happened.

    I STILL think you might be a little too hard on yourself. You're a driver of this giant elephant that wants what it wants. You are fighting a pretty long-term addiction here (with sugar, anyway). You are bound to have setbacks. Don't beat yourself up over them, or they will become worse in your head than they really are.

    Quitting cold turkey is rough. Quitting in phases is easier. I totally respect how you are handling this and the rewards that are in store, but maybe...

    ...actually, I have an idea. Lemme see what I can do.


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