Thursday, January 05, 2017

A Year of No Yelling Day 5

I lasted 4 days. That's 3 days longer than I thought I could go, so, yay?

I'm detoxing from sugar. I was so tired yesterday, so unmotivated, but tried to be productive anyway. We're babysitting a pair of guinea pigs and as a project I cut out a little hut for them out of a sturdy cardboard box and let the girls decorate it. I told them they could use Sharpies for the project.

Sharpies are a big deal in our house. Only Mama and Daddy can use Sharpies. The children are not allowed to touch them. I explained that this was a one-time exception, and that they were to use the Sharpies to color the box. I told them they could ONLY use the Sharpies for the box. They were not allowed to color on anything else. I went over this several times in several different ways.

While they colored I cleaned the kitchen. They stated to fight, so I used all my awesome techniques learned from Siblings Without Rivalry to get them to work it out. I patting myself on the back for not yelling, even though I was so tired, when I turned to pick something up. I looked back to the table and Alexa was coloring the table with the Sharpies.

"No!" I yelled.

I yelled.

Exasperated. exhausted, and feeling guilty that I yelled, I whispered to Alexa to not color on the table. Then I sat down with them and watched until they were done.

Two hours later we were in the bedroom. Ash and Alexa are running around, jumping on and off beds, screaming, chasing, and having a great time. Tabs was also having a great time, until suddenly she wasn't. I went over to see what was wrong. She signed "potty" and as I slipped off her pants (She's potty training so no diaper) realized she had both pooped and peed in her pants. I left the pants on the floor and took her to the potty. I came back into the room just in time to see Alexa jump off the bed, fall, and land face first...yeah, you know.

"NOOOOO!!!!!" I yelled.

I believe crap is an appropriate expletive.

So while I'm getting Tabs and Alexa into a bath and trying to comfort poor distraught Alexa, Ash jumps off the bed and hurts her leg. You have not seen drama until you see Ash get the slightest minor injury.

It was a few minutes after that had been dealt with and settled down that I handed Ash the phone and had her call Daddy to come home 30 minutes early.

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  1. Oh man. Anyone would have lost it. I don't know how you do it at all. You are a goddess.

    Alexa sounds a lot like Toby but saner. And I have noticed Ash's uhhh drama-queen-ness? but she'll grow out of it. No worries. When Toby gets a minor injury and complains about it we just calmly say "I'm sorry that happened to you. I'm sorry it hurts. You're okay. Yep, you're bleeding, but not enough to need a Band-Aid." that sort of thing. So Toby is pretty low-key about injuries. He hurt his head pretty bad a few months ago and came in crying and I empathized with him and he moved on pretty quick. (But dang his poor head. he had a huge bruise for a week.)

    You're doing fine. I promise.


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