Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Year of No Yelling Day 10

Tabs is not great at sleeping through the night. She's really awful, actually. Sometimes it's fine and I stumble through it, and sometimes it's assuredly NOT fine.

Last night she was awful and so this morning I woke up feeling ornery. I knew right away is going to be a tough today, so I rolled right out of bed onto my knees and said a prayer asking for help.

I felt better while I was praying, but it did nothing to lift my black mood. During breakfast I had to hold my tongue and breathe several times. I said another prayer asking for peace, but my mood remained unchanged. I thought about Balgram's comment of lifting her mood by forcing a smile, singing a happy song, or counting good things. I tried to think if one would help. Immediately I thought of being grateful, so I started telling my kids that I was grateful for them, for their dad, for our house, for breakfast, and said several prayers of thanks in my head. It helped. We did our morning chores and got Ash off to school with no yelling or angry speaking.

 The day was still rough. I'm having serious sugar withdrawals this time. I ended up taking a nap just to make it though the day.

After the kids went to bed I went out to my once-a-month book club. I had a great time, but I stupidly ate sugar. I made it through the day without yelling, but I did mess up and each sugar.

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