Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You Head Asplode

Tuesday morning started out by going into our neighbor's garage and looking for four little kittens. We finally found them (they were so small it took a long time) and loaded them, along with Mommy Bells, into a crate. We drove them over to the Spay and Neuter Clinic and dropped them off with lots of reassurance. We picked them up at 2:30 and were informed that Bells was to be given pain medication every morning and night until her medicine ran out. She also had to stay indoors and could not get wet.

These instructions stemmed problems. Bells is an outdoor cat, and what's worse: pretty much a stray. The family she hangs around the most cannot keep her indoors because Ben just came home from his mission and is allergic to cats. Drek and I have Acouchi. Acouchi will simply not allow Bells and four mini-bells back into her domain. Thus: problems.

We decided to keep the kitties in our bathroom, with the door closed. While setting up the bathroom, Bells walked out and into the hallway. She did this the same time Acouchi was walking out of the bedroom, into the hallway. Acouchi froze; no doubt recognizing her intruder and wondering where she had come from. Bells waked on nonchalantly; Just as she had when she was a baby.

I herded Bells back inside the bathroom and Acouchi went to sulk under the bed. After making our new guests feel at home, I went to try and apologize to Acouchi. She would have nothing of it. I brushed her, gave her a massage and told her it was only for a few days, but she did not care. She is officially mad at me (Me, not Drek) and there is no changing her mind.

Bells, on the other hand, loves my attention. She'll crawl on my lap and purr (kind of, she makes the same trill as a pigeon. It's odd. What's even more odd is two of the kittens have picked up on it, and try to imitate her) and beg to be petted. She is so cute. So are her babies. So cute, your head will asplode.

Bells is a very good mother. She's very watchful of her little ones and is very attentive of their cries. He licks them constantly and seems content to be with them. This is a picture of Bells and mini-bells
Hopefully, Acouchi will forgive me once our house guests are gone. For now, she seems very sullen.

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