Monday, May 19, 2008

Allow Me To Elaborate on How Great He Is

On paper, my husband looks great. He is an exemplary student, a few weeks away from getting his Masters Degree in Robotics from a prestigious university. He served a two-year LDS mission. He won Volunteer of the Year in this state for his continuous volunteer work at the animal shelter. He writes stories everyone loves to read, and one story is so great it just made him a finalist in the Writers of the Future contest (making him in the top eight in the world). He makes amazing pasta salad and is a skilled Canyoneerer.

In real life, my husband is even better. Paper just doesn't do him justice.

Last night, I was miserable. I couldn't sleep, I had a headache, my tummy hurt, and oh, I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned, keeping my husband up. Finally I fell asleep at two thirty. My husband got up at five because his allergies were not allowing him to breathe. He didn't get me up, he just went into the living room and worked on his projects. When my alarm went off, he kissed me and let me sleep in. He even went to the grocery store (we have no food in the house. None. Not a crumb) and got me milk and fresh pineapple to bring me breakfast in bed. He then cuddled with me some more, and I finally got out of bed at ten. By this point, he had already called to check the status of his brand new laptop he ordered, and set up an appointment for Bells to be spayed (tomorrow seven thirty in the very early morning).
I called my mom to discover that she was just leaving a job interview. That's right, my brave mom is venturing forth in the workforce once again. She is so brave. I am not sure I will have that kind of courage when I'm her age. I admire her so much, not only for this, but for being such a great mom to us three girls all these years without working. Talking to her makes me realize that the student loan she took out to pay for half my tuition for Massage Therapy school is still draining her assets month by month. I go to my husband and ask if I can have $3,000 to pay off the rest of this loan. Does he refuse? Does he try to bargain? Does he cringe at the fact that our hard earned savings will suffer? He does not. He simply asks the exact amount, and where to transfer it too.
He drives me to work and kisses me good-bye. Later that day he picks my up and takes me to lunch. Even later he picks me up from work with some amazing news. I guess he thought if he was getting a fantastic new laptop, I should too. So he called Apple and complained that we had taken McLappy into the Apple store four times, and the screen still flickers (which is actually giving me headache right now). Apple apologized and decided to replace my laptop. But wait! They don't make this laptop anymore, so they will have to upgrade it to a new and super-cool MacBook, for free. Yeah. My husband is amazing.
He then takes my shopping for desperately needed groceries. He even remembered to bring the shopping list. As w are leaving the store, I see a friend from high school that I have been missing for a very very long time. There were hugs, catching up was done, phone numbers were exchanged, watermelons were killed, and my husband stands calmly by through all of this and the subsequent me showing him off.
That is how great my husband is. Best. Husband. Ever.

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