Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Economy is Making Me Sad

All day, two people came into the store. One of them was the owner. Slow is an understatement.

And then the phone rings.

Me: Gives intro
Woman: Uh, hi. I've been doing some research online and...oh. Is K La there? I think I need to talk to her.
Me: This is K La
Woman: Oh. Good. Um, I was in your store in January, and I got your card. And I've been doing some research online and would like to purchase one of your chairs. Probably the most expensive chair in the store, with my luck. Chuckles softly
(We sell massage chairs, recliner chairs, and office chairs. At this point I am thinking she wants an office chair, and roll my eyes at the fact that she thinks $700 is our most expensive chair.)
Me: All right. Which chair would you like?
Woman: The Sanyo Zero Gravity Massage chair (Price = $5,000)
Me: Sucks in air so fast my gum goes down my throat. I start choking. I quickly recover.
Oh! That is a good massage chair. That is actually my favorite chair (because right now it has a $75 spiff on it) That is a very good chair!
Woman: Yeah, I was in there in January and liked it, but as it turns out my brother-in-law has that chair and for the last week we've been staying at his house. My husband sat in the chair a lot so I that's going to be his Father's Day present. Luckily, he goes on trips a lot so I'll get to sit in it too. Chuckles softly.

Booya. Thank you brother-in-law.

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