Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I was woken up this morning by someone at the door. It was Fed Ex, delivering my new computer. Oh! She is so beautiful!! Thank you, Drek! Thank you!

MacLappy is no more. He is never coming back. All his files were backed up to a hard drive. This is Annette. MacLappy's files are now hers. She is just as smart as MacLappy, looks just like him, but is so much more!! So much happier, with so much more gumption. Even as I type I am admiring her face plate, her smooth, unblemished mouse pad and her smiling camera. She is gorgeous, smart, and will not get sick. She is clean and white with no scratches She makes a small clicking noise when you use the mouse, her keys press down with uniform ease, and if you press the F4 button, she will instantly show you your dashboard.

I love her already.

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