Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy May Day!

I am going to run across the country; From San Francisco to Washington DC. How am I doing this? As part of the WOMAN Challenge: Women and girls Out Moving Across the Nation. Basically, the eight week WOMAN challenge encourages women and girls to set and achieve personal physical activity goals, appropriate for their lifestyles. When you meet your goals, your marker advances across the country. My sister got me into it, and now we're on a team!! We start May 11 (Mother's Day) and end July 5. I'm so excited!
I was supposed to lose 20 pounds by my birthday. I did not. I've been really good at excising (tao bo for 30 minutes every morning) but I haven't lost anything!! I blame this on my horrible eating habits. Everything Drek and I eat is processed junk. I also tend to eat desserts everyday. Thus, I've been doing research on a RAW diet. I am also excited about this. Yesterday I went shopping for food and for the next few weeks most of our meals will be RAW. With the new diet, the continued Tao Bo, and an extra WOMAN challenge, I'm highly confident I'll get closer to my goal weight.
Wish me luck!!

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