Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's Not the Years, Honey, It's the Mileage.

For my Birthday, Rissy got me the box set of Indiana Jones DVDs. She had never seen them, so we decided to watch them together. Unfortunately, she left for Disney Land before we could get together. She went on the Indiana Jones ride, loved it, came back, and thus movie parties were a must. We watched the third Indiana Jones movie on Monday. Yesterday night we watched the first Indiana Jones movie. It's her first time watching all of these, my second or third, and Drek's millionth. Mostly we just shake our heads when Indi destroys things (for an archaeologist, he has a lack of care for ancient artifacts) laugh when a metal object hits ANYTHING and explodes, and genuinely enjoy the movies. Both parties were accompanied by lots of snacks, last night it even merited a run for Sundaes. The forth movie comes out soon; it might warrant a midnight showing. We'll see.

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