Saturday, May 17, 2008

Today Should be a Swimming Day

Thu sun is shining today. It is supposed to reach 90 degrees. Why am I not outside today? Oh, right. I have to work. Money is evil.

After work Drek and I are going directly to Sunstarr's wedding. She is getting married outside, up the canyon, so that will be nice.

Her "Bridal Bash" as we called it, was last Saturday. It went great! I finally found daiquiri glasses (branded with Royal Caribbean and sold for $0.75 each at D.I.). That was the best part. I used frozen Strawberry Daiquiri mix, fresh strawberries and rum flavoring. Each glass was topped off with a mini umbrella. They were perfect.
I found crazy discounts for Papa John's Pizza and got three of Sunstarr's favorite pizzas for cheap. I ordered online that morning. Not only were they delivered exactly when I asked them to be, but they were two minutes early. I was highly impressed.
My mom did the decorations, which were fabulous. She also got candy for the event (I used most of them as prizes, a bag of green M&Ms, a bag of ring pops, and two bags of Hot Tamales) the best candy being a bag of red M&Ms that were cherry flavored. They were so good!!
The guests arrived exactly the same time Sunstarr did. No waiting at all. A few of the games were huge hits, one of them was dumb, and we stopped playing it immediately. The video we did of the fiancee answering questions worked great, and overall the party was great.
I loved throwing her the party. Not only was she easy to work with and everything went smoothly, but it reminded me that this time last year I was going to my own bridal showers. That made me appreciate my husband all the more. He is so wonderful and I am so glad we are married.

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