Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New Hobbies

Did you know there is a movie of the Kon-Tiki? The film is actual footage they shot on the raft with Thor talking about what you're seeing. Since he speaks Norwegian, you hear a British guy doing the voice over. It won an Academy Award for Best Documentary in 1954. That was before Hawaii was declared a state. Weird.
Anyway, Drek and I discovered the movie last night and went to the library to check it out. While there, I noticed that the summer reading program is full of awesome prizes: Gift certificates to The Quarry, Eisenstein Bagels, CLAS ropes course...and a million other places I would like to frequent. This also being a great way to recover the non-reading-ness of June, Drek and I signed up. Thus, Hobby #1: Reading and doing book reports
On Sunday (our last Sunday in the dreaded married student ward, Thank. Goodness.) our ward was challenged to start doing indexing. I looked over the web site at work (http://www.familysearch.org) and for Family Home Evening I presented it to Drek. I am now strangely addicted. I started doing Illinois Birth certificates from 1909, Drek started Louisiana Death certificates in the 1930's. The only part we got confused on was color/race. Some put down American (what color is that?) and a few of Drek's put down colored (can we put that in the report? it that politically correct? What do we do???).
You can volunteer too, btw, it's really easy and highly intriguing. Thus, Hobby #2: Indexing.
I'm doing much better at biking to work everyday. Somedays I still make Drek drive me, but overall I think I'm doing pretty good. Megan gave me a gym pass to 24 hour fitness (I love that place) and I really need to go. I've had the pass for two weeks and I've gone once. I need to start going everyday after work. Hobby #3: Working out
So this summer should be very busy. My hobbies should keep me busy enough. Maybe a little too busy. :)

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