Saturday, July 05, 2008

YAY! It's Fireworks Day!

Yesterday I made a patriotic breakfast for us. My original idea was to make the entire pancake in the shape of a star using cookie cutters, but I discovered the night before that the Cookie cutters were plastic. That would be a bad idea. The only metal star was very small. So, I made circle pancakes and cut a star out of the middle of them. That shape was then filled with whipped cream, and topped with Strawberries and Blueberries. It was the most 4th of July-y breakfast I've ever had!
I even used blue plates and silverware, and red cups.

Drek and I ate breakfast and then glanced around...Now what? We didn't wasn't to go to the parade, or the Freedom Festival, we wanted to play games, but no one was available to play with us. Drek wanted to have a waterfight, but it's no fun with only two people. So we did...nothing!! We lounged around the whole day. Mostly, we just stayed in bed and played on our laptops. It was great!!

At five we went up to Drek's parent's house for a 4th of July dinner and a Birthday party for Drek's youngest brother. It was here that Rissy called, and we drover over to her house, played a game of Elixer, drove to our house, watched The Mole and then biked to stadium to sit with Drek's family to watch the fireworks. Yes, we biked. It was so cool!! It was dark, and there were hundreds of people everywhere, over two miles!!

Our spot was perfect. It was across the street from the stadium, so you could hear the Blue Man Group and Miley Cyrus perform, but you could also see it on the huge screens inside the stadium. It was amazing!

We bike a few blocks to say hi to Kris and her very cute Toby, and then booked it back so we wouldn't miss the firework show.The firework show was spectacular and we had such a great view. We were so close we could see what was happening inside the stadium and hear the movie music they were playing to go along with it. When the huge fireworks exploded inside the sky it seemed they would rain down on us. In fact, I do think a few ashes came down on us.

And then it was over, the mass exodus of thousands of people began, and Rissy, Drek and I biked home. It was a very exhilarating ride. On the way to and from the event, We discussed the rules of our own versonion of the Mole, and came up with some brilliant ideas. Ideas still forming, game will be announced later.

We ate Nachos, watched LOST and the Rissy slept over. It was so much fun!! Happy July 4th!!

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