Saturday, July 19, 2008

Who is the Mole?

A small-scale version of The Mole is in the works. This will be a huge event and enormous fun!! You should play with us. Think of this as a large-scale Werewolf game, but a million times more fun. We need people to be players, but we also need people to take pictures, point and laugh and just have fun while not really being in the game. The facts of these:

-The Mole we are playing is based on the reality show The Mole on ABC. You can go to to watch it, or to read about it.

-You do not need to have seen The Mole to play, or even to win. However, watching the show will give you an idea about the types of challenges the players will face and might even give you some ideas for strategies.

-Players complete challenges to earn candy. They must work together as a team to complete these challenges.

-One randomly selected player is the mole; a saboteur trying to stop the players from earning candy.

-In order to win the game and the candy, a player must determine who is the mole, and watch their actions carefully, to answer the quizzes correctly.

-Players are wanted. You should be a player. We need 5-20 players for this to work, one of which will be the mole.

-Everyone is invited to play or to watch. The more the merrier!


The game starts at 5:00pm on Friday, Aug 8th 2008. After introductions the first challenge will begin. All players (and one mole) will participate in a challenge. The challenge will either be physical, mental, or a combination of both. Players will not know beforehand what the challenge will be. The mole knows what all upcoming challenges will be. Before the challenge, the host will explain the rules, and the reward. Whatever reward the players win goes into the Final Pot. Whatever reward the players do not win will be put into the Mole's Pot. Players generally try to add the reward to the final pot, while the mole generally tries to sabotage the game and keep the reward all to him or herself.

After each challenge, players will be given a one question quiz. The question will ask something about the mole (what color shirt is the mole wearing? What did the mole do during the last challenge?). Players will not be able to discuss the questions at any time during the game. Players will not know other players' answers. At the end of each quiz, the answers will be collected. They will not be looked at until the end of the game. The last quiz will ask: Who is the mole?

During some of the challenges, exemptions may be offered. The host will give instructions on if an exemption is being offered and how to obtain it. An exemption means you get the next quiz answer correct automatically.

Finally, the quizzes are scored. The mole is revealed! The player with the most correct answers wins the game and the final pot! The mole gets his pot. On the last quiz, if 90% of the players answer "who is the mole?" correctly, the mole has not been sneaky enough and his pot is divided among the players who answered the last question correctly.


In this version, players are not executed. All players will stay in the game up through the end.

Quizzes are on paper, not the computer, and they are only one question long.

If the mole is too obvious, he can lose the game.




Phone number:

Email Address:

Who are you and why do you want to play?

By submitting this form I promise the following:

1) I will devote Friday, Aug 8th 2008 from 5:00pm-9:00pm to playing the above game. I will be there, play the games, and will not flake out at the last minute. I acknowledge a lot of planning is going into this, and a set number of players is crucial to that planning.

2) I will donate a bag of individually wrapped candy or a few candy bars to the game so they can be used as the rewards.

3) I acknowledge that any of the players could be the mole, including me. I am fine with being a player, or the mole.

4) I will not sue if I die playing this game.


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