Thursday, July 24, 2008

More The Mole

Clay is not the mole. On the one hand, I was wrong, on the other, it makes me feel better. I was slightly upset that I had "missed my chance". I wrote in to ABC telling them to bring the Mole back and to put me on, and they brought it back, but I was not on it. I felt if I had just been a little bit more diligent, I would have gotten on the show and won the money. Alas, now I know I would have lost, and not won the money, so it makes me feel better.
My the Mole game is coming along great!! I got cooperate sponsorship, so now we get to do challenges in really cool places, where we can get in for FREE!! Also, I am trying to get the dinner for free. We will see how this goes.

While doing research, I came across a "race through the night" game, which was a small scale version of the amazing race here in this city. It happened in May, and they had cooperate sponsorship and lots of free food. Also, their prize was a vacation to Cancun. I am thinking my game needs a cooler prize. Anyway, Kris and I signed up for next year!! Our team is the Thoroughbreds of Sin, and we need two ore teammates, maybe our husbands? And we will win. Bwhahaha.

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