Tuesday, July 08, 2008

If I Were to Tell You I Adore, Would You Have Me Do So...Stintingly?

07/07/08: Our one year anniversary. I can now officially say that I have been married for over a year. Weird, huh? On the one hand, it seems like the wedding was just a few days ago, on the other hand, now I can't imagine my life without Drek.
So, being married is the best thing ever. I am quite aware that Drek and I are still in our honeymoon phase, and most of this post will have you rolling your eyes, but this is actually how we are and I love it!

Saturday Kris picked me up from work. When we got to my house, Drek was not there. Just then, I received a text message from that said: If you get home before I do, there is a present for you on the table.
I went into the kitchen and found a beautiful bouquet of a dozen red roses on the table.

The day of our anniversary started out with Drek making me the most wonderful breakfast. He put it all into our Scarlet Pimpernel picnic basket and we went on a breakfast picnic. Afterword, he went off to work and I spent the day cleaning the house (like a fiend, getting ready for our trip to Texas) and setting up for his return.

Dinner was Lasagna, garlic bread and steamed broccoli. It was the most romantic thing I could think of that we had ingredients for.

After dinner Drek took me to play Frisbee golf. He, of course, is stellar at the game, but I do think I am improving.
We got home, had a dessert with a fudge brownie base, with cherries and homemade whip cream on top. YUM! This was accompanied by Sparkling Cider in wine glasses. I then presented him with the decorations:

I has set scented tea candles all over the bathroom and the bedroom and decorated the bed with the roses (very romantic). I then gave Drek a massage, and he gave me a small, blue box. Inside, was a small white box, and inside that was this:

Isn't it beautiful??!! It's two hearts, both made out of diamonds. The picture doesn't catch the sparkle, so I'll just tell you: It is amazing!!

To end our day, we ventured into the freezer to retrieve our wedding cake. On our wedding day, the cake was DELICIOUS!! It was made by Drek's mom, and never was a more delicious cake ever made. It was so good, that on our one month anniversary, Drek and I took it out of the freezer and ate some slices. Afterward, we wrapped up the remaining slices in tinfoil, and decorated it. She has been the steward of our freezer ever since.
It was disgusting. Year-old cake is not yummy. It tastes like spongy freezer.

Happy anniversary, Drek. You are the love of my life. I love you with all my heart and I always will.

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