Thursday, July 03, 2008

If I Had Actually Used Alchohol, Would My Trifle Have Caught On Fire?

I love Independence day. It has always been one of my favorite holidays. I have many found memories throughout the years. Independence day has always revolved around a huge community breakfast, an American dinner, fireworks when it got dark and, of course, camping out to watch the spectacular firework display that is such a famous occurrence here. Independence Day has always been spent with my family. On extra special years, the 4th was spent with my family and my cousins from Texas. That was always a blast. This year, sadly, will be different.
My parents left for California today, they will be there over the 4th of July. My older sister and her little family headed out for Washington DC today. They too, will be gone over the 4th of July.
So, we celebrated early. Yesterday my mom threw an early Independence Day celebration. She made fruit salad, my dad made potato salad, my Aunt brought watermelon, we had hot dogs, and I brought dessert.
I wanted to do a red, whit and blue dessert, and after looking through Internet recipes, I found the one I likes: Trifle. I have never attempted trifle before. In fact, I have never even tasted trifle before. Thus, I wanted it it to be both delicious and look AMAZING. I think it worked:
Instead of soaking the fruit in Sherry, I soaked in in orange juice. It worked really well. Drek and I took my masterpiece over to my parent's house and had dinner! When it came time for dessert I added the finishing touch: Sparklers!!!

Very Patriotic, no? It was also delicious. And there you have it, my very first Trifle was a success. I think I shall attempt to make this again.
The celebration was perfect. There were no fireworks (besides the one on the dessert) but it still felt like Independence Day.
Tomorrow Drek and I are supposed to celebrate most of the 4th with his family. I've planned a big breakfast with just the two of us (supposing, of course, I can't convince Rissy to invite drek and I to a her old ward's breakfast) and I suppose we'll take it from there. I have it off of work, so that's good.

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