Thursday, April 01, 2010

It's Time to Trust My Instincts, Close My Eyes, And Leap

I have three words for those who care;

Anti. Gravity. Yoga.

Quite a few summers ago I was lucky enough to go to Sea World in California with the family I nannied for. We went two days in a row and besides loving everything about Sea World and loving the people I was with, my favorite part was a show they put on in the park late at night. Don't ask me what the name of the show was, I really can't remember. Something like "Night Phantoms"? Or maybe "Air Amphibians?" I really have no idea. It actually might have been a Circe Del Sol thing. Maybe.

Anyway, the show had these acrobats done up in the most amazing make-up. There was also long pieces of cloth hanging from twenty feet up in the air. There were five hanging cloths side by side. The acrobats (without safety nets of any sort of harness) would seemingly float up and down the cloth doing these crazy dances hanging by their legs. They would swing, go upside down and flip. It was mesmerizing.

Immediately I wanted to learn to do what they did, but where do you take lessons for that sort of thing?

Several years later, Krisling keeps raving about this anti-gravity yoga class. I finally join her OHMYGOODNESS IT'S THE SAME THING!!!

There is a giant sling that hangs front he ceiling and you do all sorts of yoga poses using the sling. You can swing, you can flip, you can go upside is wonderful!

Krisling signed us up for a class and when we got there, to our surprise, we were the only ones in the class! Usually private lessons are crazy expensive but we got a private lesson for the price of a normal class! We were like two gravity defying-night amphibians-air phantom-ninja fiends!

The next day the soreness kicked in. If I move my abs at all they explode.

We did it again today and, once again, it was amazing. There were a lot more upside down poses today, including one called "bat" where you are straight up and down with your arms as your wings. My muscles were already so tired I kept shaking while trying to do this pose. Kris said I was "Seizing Bat." The next pose we went into was "Monkey" upside down, legs wrapped around the sling, arms dangling. From there we went into "Yogi," "Chandelier," "Star," and others. All of these were upside down. We were upside down for ten minutes. When we came back up, Kris was still upside down. She had gotten stuck in "monkey" and couldn't figure out how to get out. Thus, she is "Trapped Monkey."

On Tuesday my sister and I were supposed to run eight miles. We were going to do the last eight miles of the official course, but the air quality was dreadful; the dust was so thick you could hardly see! Thus, we decided to do the first eight miles, so most of our running would be up in the canyon, above the dust. When we got to the starting park a sign blocked the path telling us that the trail was closed for the season and wouldn't open until the next day. We shrugged. "Well, if it opens tomorrow it must be all clear, right?" Oh, no. Very no. We hiked in knee-deep snow for a good forty-five minutes before being able to actually run on a clear path. By the time we made it six miles, Ash decided she was done (she was with her Nana and Grandpa in the car, doing support) so we called it quits.

Still, all those knee lifts must have done something;

I am now down to my pre-pregnancy weight! Woot!

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