Monday, April 05, 2010

He Saved You in All Your Wanderings, and Even Now, He Saves You from the Wrath of Pharaoh. God Will Not Abandon You. So Don't You Abandon Us

Ok, I changed my mind. I can blog in April, I just have to finish my word count for the day first. I'm supposed to do a thousand words a day. Today I've done one thousand two hundred. Woot!

It's good to be home. The weekend was General Conference. It was WONDERFUL! It was all about family and fatherhood and motherhood. It's so wonderful to have such a wonderful husband and such a perfect little daughter. It's so wonderful to be told by God what I need to keep my wonderful husband and my perfect little daughter.

The weekend was also Easter, but Drek and I decided Sunday morning to forget it was a holiday and just celebrate it next week. Thank goodenss. I didn't celebrate Passover either, maybe we can fit both into next weekend. So, in that case, I'm so excited to go to the store tomorrow to get things for Easter baskets! Hooray!

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