Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where We Can Stay All Day in The Sun

I'm sunburned! Hallelujah! It's a miracle!

Especially after Tuesday, when I looked out the window and saw this;

It was a blizzard. A full-on, snow-blowing-everywhere blizzard. It lasted most of the day.

Two days later, it is summer. Since we live right next to a huge park, I decided to take Ash out to enjoy the sun. There were so many people in the park! Hundreds! Most of them were moms with at least three children. Everyone was in capris and short-sleeves, flip-flops and pony tails. It's summer! We stayed for two hours. That night I noticed I was a little pink. It was exciting.

It was so nice outside that after dinner Drek packed Ash in the stroller and we went on a walk. We wandered around and finally ended up at the veteran's memorial. It was a nice outing.

The next day was Friday. We went to the park again. There weren't as many people there, but still, I'd say around fifty. When I I got home I noticed I actually had a tan line on my arm. Hooray!

Today I went on my run. It was a long run; nine and a half miles, and it took me an hour and fifty-nine minutes. I wore a T-shirt. Later in the day I realized my arms, neck and face, were red. RED! I'm sunburned! I love being sunburned!

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