Sunday, April 04, 2010

I Don't Want to Play the Gender Card Right Now. You Want to Play a Card, Let's Play the "Let's Not Die" Card

On March 21st, my sister blessed her baby back in Home State. Drek, Ash and I drove down a few days before. Drek left after the blessing, and Ash and I stayed until April 3, because I was teaching a class (Self Massage Techniques to De-Stress Your Life) on April 2.

So Drek and I spent two weeks apart.

I had a lot of fun. Krisling and I went on a mini-vacation to Summer-Land, I did anti-gravity yoga, I ran with my dad and my sister, and then I ran some more with my sister. I hung out with my nieces and in-laws. I played some wonderful and awesome games with my friends and even helped put together a puzzle (I put down four pieces out of a thousands and thousand piece puzzle, I helped!). I taught my class (it went great). I went to a book-signing, and I did research for my novel. Speaking of my novel, I'm making myself do a mini-Nanowrimo for April to finish the thing. Thus, no more blogging until I'm done, in June.

I got back home yesterday. To be honest, I'm shocked the house is still standing. I am even more shocked the fish are still alive. They are almost out of water, and their bowl hasn't been cleaned, but they are still alive.

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