Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This Was A Triumph. I'm Making a Note Here; Huge Success

I really lucked out when I got married. Not only did I marry a wonderful, perfect man, but I also married into a wonderful family. I love siblings-in0law and I love my parents-in-law. My mother-in-law is the kind of mother-in-law you dream about having. She's very creative and talented. She did the flowers and the cake for my wedding and, in fact, does most every one's flowers and cakes because she is just that good.

So imagine my surprise when she asked if I would be willing to do her birthday cake. Of course I would be willing, but...um...have you seen the cakes I make? They taste yummy...I mean, they taste like cake made from a box, but they look like frosting over a large lump. My last attempt at a birthday cake was for my brother-in-law and I left in the oven for over two hours until more closely resembled charcoal than a chocolate treat. Sure, I managed a bakery for two years but I never did learn how to decorate a cake. My idea of "making" birthday cakes for people is to go to Cold Stone and buy and ice cream cake. Let's face it; who doesn't love ice cream cakes?

But this was my Mother-in-law, whom I have to impress with my domesticity. Her favorite cake is German Chocolate cake, so after browsing through recipe books and finding a delicious looking cake to imitate I set about attempting the imposable; making a birthday cake that 1) Tastes good 2) Looks good and 3) Impresses a cake decorator.

Several hours later I am finished. It is a made from scratch, three layer, German chocolate cake, complete with toasted pecan and coconut frosting and drizzled with German chocolate. It didn't look like those fancy birthday cakes with butter cream frosting and fondant flowers, but it did look delicious. It also tasted delicious. And yes, I resisted the urge to replace sugar with Agave nectar, oil with avocado, and shortening with butter. It was a deliciously unhealthy cake.

I hope she liked it.

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