Monday, March 01, 2010

The Coffin Was Supposed To Go On the Plane But It Didn't. Apparently He's Somewhere in Transit.

We just got back from a wonderful mini-vacation. Drek's brother is leaving to go on his mission (Hooray! So proud!) and his "farewell centered sacrament meeting" was on Sunday. Drek and I drove down Friday night and spent the night at Krisling's house.

It's odd, but every time I've been away and come back, my first glimpse of those mountains is always like coming home. I never knew I was homesick until I got back. I suppose it's because I was born and raised there, but I really do love those mountains.

The weather was amazing. As we unpacked the car I was outside, at night, barefoot, with no coat or jacket. And I was fine. It was so nice. The next few days were warm and snow-free. The sun was shining, I walked around barefoot, and we even rolled down the windows as we drove. It was about fifty degrees. And then I came home. WAHHHHHHHHHHHH why is it so cold here? I can't believe I'd ever think of my hometown as a warm place to visit in February, but wow, the difference is astounding. How cold is it here? Last week I went running in negative eight degrees. NEGATIVE! It's freaking cold.

Anyway, it was wonderful to see Krisling and Natebot and my little Toby. We had a wonderful feast Friday night and went to bed. Saturday morning we said our goodbyes and I visited with my parents for quite a while. I was supposed to be running errands, but Drek had taken the car to go play Frisbee for three hours. THREE HOURS. I guess he was excited about the weather too. When he got back I went and hung out with my sister and my two adorable nieces. We took a few really cute pictures of Ash with her cousin. Hooray!

And then it was time to run. My sister and I (and my dad, who decided to train and run the half-marathon with us! Sadly, he is in much better than shape than me. I'm not kidding. He has cancer and he can run circles around me. He is amazing) met at the starting point of the half-marathon and ran the first four miles. I LOVED it. Not only was I not slipping on ice or freezing to death, but the altitude was much lower so my lungs were fine. I also decided I love running with my dad and my sister. They are just so much fun! It didn't seem very far at all; we were having such a good time talking and hanging out.

When we finished Drek and I headed to his parent's church to watch his family's ward's (Wow, that's a a lot of 's) musical roadshow. There were a few plays (staring different members of Drek's family) and a lot of songs. It was wonderful! Drek and I both loved it! As an added perk, I got to hold my little baby nephew who was born in December. I fed him from his bottle and he fell asleep on my lap so we got to cuddle for most of the show. He is so darling.

Sunday Drek was, of course, the reason we were there. Drek and his family sang a song for the Prelude, his sister gave a talk, and his brother gave his farewell talk. Everyone did great. Especially the soon-to-be missionary. His talk was excellent.

After a quick lunch and lots of pictures and hugs, Drek and I headed back home. Ash slept the whole ride (she is such a good baby) and when we got home Drek and I decided to (finally) watch the season six premiere of LOST, which was AMAZING!!! I was so right about Hurley. It was wonderful to watch, but I did miss Ismail and Rissy. Maybe we can watch the next few episodes with Ismail when we go back down.

In conclusion, it was a wonderful trip. It was also a very rushed trip, we didn't have time to hang out with friends, but it was wonderful nonetheless.

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