Tuesday, March 09, 2010

That Dog Does Look Delicious

It's warming up here enough that the sidewalk are emerging and the footpaths have been uncovered. I have discovered a wonderful path that follows a river. The scenery is gorgeous. So, I have been running there. I am not the only one that is taking advantage of this path. I pass quite a few other joggers and several people out walking their dogs.

My dad taught us how to deal with dogs while jogging; Don't look at them or in their space. You are the Alpha dog, and in dog world if you don't want to stop and talk, pet, play, or be chased, it's polite to ignore the very existence of the dog.

This advice works great. I haven't had any problems with dogs trying to follow me or get in my way or eat me.

As I was going along the footpath near the end of my run, I saw a women walking two dogs. I looked straight ahead and tried not to look in the direction of the dogs. As I approached, out of my peripheral vision, I notices one dog was a golden color with curly hair. I recognized the breed of the dog and suddenly my legs stopped running.

"Oh!" I cooed stopping next to the dog and petting it as he jumped on me and wagged his cute little tail. "Is it a snickerdoodle?" I asked, thinking how adorable these kinds of dogs were. The women paused; "Um, it's a Golden Doodle." She said. I tried to remember what I had said and then laughed.

Of course. A Golden Doodle. Her dog doesn't look anything like a cookie.

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