Sunday, March 14, 2010

Your Friends Don't Dance and If They Don't Dance

Our local fire department decided that a dance would be a good fundraiser. Thus, the first annual Shamrock Dance was held yesterday (a semi-formal event!).

I was so excited. After convincing Drek to take me, I packed Ash in her Wrap/sling and walked the four blocks to the fire department to buy tickets. They only to cash (of course) so I had to walk four blocks to Walgreens, get cash back, walk the four blocks back to get the tickets and then walk four blocks home. It was worth it!

Saturday we went over to Drek's sister's house to play games. My wonderful sister-in-law let me try on a bunch of dresses until we found the perfect one! After that is was time for jewelry shopping. I didn't find earrings I wanted so I made some out of the beads from a necklace. I tried to make a bracelet too, but it kept breaking.

Mei-mei's roommate was nice enough to do my make-up, and my sister in law did an amazing job with my hair. It was so much fun! I loved getting all dressed up!

The dace itself was a lot of fun, mostly because I loved being with my wonderful husband. We'd never been to a dace together before so it was a new experience. We had a wonderful time dancing and joking and talking. There were a lot of fireman there and some of them were dressed up in kilts. At first I was confused, wondering if they realized kilts were from Scotland, not Ireland, so wearing kilts at a St Patrick's day function made no sense, but then I realized the whole fundraiser was so the fire department could start a bagpipe brigade. I still don't understand why a fire department needs a bagpipe brigade, but whatever.

Halfway throught he dance the fireman came out in their suspenders and boots and attempted to country line dance for us. I say attempted, because they were really, really bad at it. It was so funny. But hey, at least their pants were shiny!
It was a wonderful night. I loved going to a semi-formal dance with my wonderful, handsome husband, who turned out to be a pretty good dancer!

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