Monday, March 15, 2010


Happy Pi Day!

There are a surprising amount of cousins up here in the Frozen Tundra, so we had a cousin party! Which, of course, extended to all family, family of family, and roommates of family.

I made little Pecan Pie Cups, and little Chocolate Pecan Pie Cups. Alas, I don't think I used enough chocolate, because you could barely taste it's presence amongst the pecan. Oh well. I also made Drek's favorite; Cherry Cream Pie.

Everyone brought a pie. We had coconut cream, two apple, peach, Andes Candies pie, two candy bar pies and even a Boston cream pie. Nom!

They were DELICIOUS! I love apple pie, and these were some of the best apple pies I had ever tasted. I also really loved the Andes Candies pie. And, of course, it goes without saying that the Boston Cream pie was amazing.

These professional-looking pies were done by Drek's sister, Anna. She made each and every one for the pie eating contest. They are different kinds of cream pie, each with plenty of whip cream and a graham cracker crust.
After cutting the pies into very small pieces so we could eat one of each, we played a few nerdy games. The first one was who could write down the most digits of pi in one minute. Drek won. My husband is so smart! (I got five. I would have gotten seven but I mixed up the last two digits. Drek got fourteen.)

The next game was even more nerdy; we threw pens and recorded the result to try and calculate pi. After one hundred tosses we came up with 3.42; not bad! All the while there was much discussion of the Monty Hall problem.

And then it was time for not-so-nerdy games! We played one round of Werewolf and then decided we had given our pie enough time to digest. It was time for the pie eating contest!

It got a little messy.

After a few more werewolf games we decided it was time to call it a night. Pie makes a good breakfast, right?

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