Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And My Nose is Froze and My Ears Are Froze

It's so cold here. Well, outside anyway. I am actually warmer than when I lived in the Krayola Box, and the window had cardboard on it and the walls were just plywood with wall paper over it and there was no heat and we turned on the oven to keep warm. THAT was cold.

Here, my house is all toasty warm. It has great insulation. Our heating system is called Radiant Floor Heating, where the floors warm up so you never have to step on cold tile, the heat rises so it's much more efficient, and there are no germs or dust or allergens that get blown all around. Plus every floor is on a different thermostat, so we can keep the bedroom at seventy-five while the bathroom is a toasty eighty. It's WONDERFUL!

But outside is cold. REALLY cold. When I went running last week every time I took a breathe my lungs would freeze and my head would hurt. I just can't run in conditions like that. It is that cold.

So I looked up on a runners forum how to train in winter. Guess what I find out? People run in Alaska. ALASKA! If people can run there, I can run here. The suggestion was to wear a balaclava. Drek just happens to own one. So this morning I put it on and went running. It worked WONDERFULLY! My lungs didn't hurt, I didn't have a headache and I could make it through my run! Of course, it did create a lot of moisture, so by the time I came inside I had ice on my eyelashes and all around the air hole, but it worked!

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