Friday, February 19, 2010

So Put Your Mind At Ease

I'm pretty much moved in to this house. Yes, indeed. There are dishes in the cupboards, clothes in the drawers and pictures on the walls. There are still boxes, but those boxes will stay packed until we move to the place where the sun shines, and you can recycle glass, and people know what a vegetarian is and what EC-ing is and some of them are vegetarians and are also EC-ing. And the streets are paved with gold.

Ok, maybe I'm looking forward to this next move a little to much. I like it here, I do. I feel welcome, I feel happy. I just...hate the cold. I think this place just feels so temporary. I like it here, but it feels I'm just waiting for us to move again. This is a transition, not a home. I'm looking forward to being able to settle down, even if I know the next move isn't permanent either.

Even so, I like being unpacked. I'm beginning to relax. I think FINALLY having Internet may have something to do with that. Almost an entire month after moving in, I finally have Internet. Maybe soon I can get a phone, too! I'm relaxing so much that I'm starting to look around for other things to do. I think I'll have the downstairs neighbors over for dinner on Sunday! I think I'll throw another party! I think I'll start planning more trips and vacations and such! Hooray!

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