Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Until The End Of Time

Happy Valentine's day!

On Friday the Relief Society presidency came over to visit (this ward is very on top of things and very awesome) and brought me flowers!

I left them out to decorate and make the room festive, and also to make Drek jealous. When he finally noticed them he asked who they were from. "Pierre." I answered. "So the Relief Society, huh?" He said. He's too quick for me. :)

That night we made homemade pizza;
We also went on a date! We went with two other couples to a Broadway Review Show at the local University. It was a lot of fun.

On Saturday we went out to lunch. It was meh.

Sunday Drek and I both spoke in church (I told you this ward is on top of things!). It was terrifying, but we lived through it. After church it was time for the party! Anna and I planned it. I think it turned out wonderfully!

The decorations looked wonderful, the food was amazing;
(I made the rolls which didn't rise, and the French bread I made didn't turn out at ALL. Luckily Drek's mom made some and it was very delicious.)

We had cheese fondue, a chocolate fountain and chocolate peanut butter fondue. NOM!
And the games were a blast! There were three couples including us, plus Drek's mom and brother, who acted as another couple. I found a few fun games, in this one;

the girls had to pick which elbow/foot/hand/head outline belonged to their other-half. It was really funny. We played other Valentiny-games and then Drek and I headed home to do a little celebrating;

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