Saturday, October 04, 2008

That's The Reason We Need Lips So Much

I love my husband. He is the most amazing person I have ever met. He constantly amazes me with all he does. He is constantly working hard at his job, typing away at his computer, solving the problems of the world. Because we have very limited furniture, he has been using a metal folding chair as his office chair. One day I did some work in his chair and discovered that after an hour, I was dying. The chair was horrible! Here Drek was spending eight hours plus in it! He works so hard, he definitely deserved a new chair. Luckily, I happen to work at a back store that just happens to have the most ergonomic office chairs in it's inventory. Drek picked the chair he wanted, I picked the color and voila! a comfortable chair to sit those long hours in.

Not only is he is always going over to the animal shelter to help out, but he volunteers to do websites for the animal shelter. He learns new things, puts them into practical (and financially successful) use and still manages to find enough time to make me feel loved, appreciated and special. He is just so great.

I'm trying to do more for him. I've been super successful at the dinner thing. Gone are the days of cereal and hot dogs for dinner! Now are the days of delicious and healthy meals that I love to make and we love to eat! My third attempt at Ratatouille was my best attempt. Although the basic ratatouille is delicious, healthy and super-easy, Ratatouille Remy-Style is delicious, healthy, and looks awesome. It is not easy, but is was worth it. Behold, a dish a rat inspired:
When Drek and I were in Texas, we watched an episode of Rachel Ray (I had never seen an episode before, or since). She was making something called potato pancakes. Drek commented that his mom used to make a version of those all the time. Last week, I looked up four different potato pancake recipes, mixed them together and added what I remembered from the Rachel Ray episode. The result: YUMMY!! Healthy, yummy, and easy. The perfect dinner. Well, not perfect. It needs sauce. There is this sauce at Bombay house that would be amazing with these potato pancakes. I must learn how to imitate that sauce to this dinner will be perfect, because my husband deserves perfect dinners, and I love creating them for him.

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