Monday, October 20, 2008

Do You Always Leave it to Porters to Tell You This Sort Of Thing?

Well, October has escaped me. One day October was approaching ever so slowly, and the next day, it's the 20th and October is almost over. What happened? I blame it on the cold weather. I don't think I feel cold like other people do. When I'm cold, it's painful, not just...cold. Whatever.
Last week I woke up with high expectations of the day. I went outside and scraped the frost of the car, froze to death driving across down, gave up on the day and went home to soak in a warm bath all day. Sigh.

I came up with a brilliant costume idea for me and Drek, but alas, I have had not the time nor the talent, nor the resources to make it happen. Yesterday I told Drek the idea, he got all excited and said we should still go for it. So we are. Hooray!! I have seven days to make a very complicated Halloween costume. Only seven because I leave for California next Tuesday. I'm so excited!! It is purely a social visit. I am spending three days with Jordie and Jesse. We're apparently going to a haunted house. I can't wait! I come home the night before Halloween, so our costumes have to be done before I leave. We'll see how it goes. I do have a back-up costume plan, but it is lame.

I'm sad October has gone so fast, I love this time of year. Halloween is one of my favorite hollidays. Looking on the bright side, the best thing about October going so fast is that it's almost November!! November means NaNoWriMo!!! Ialready have my novel all planned out. This year I am so going to win. Bwahahahaa

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