Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Castle of Chaos

Well, we went. It was...not what I was expecting? Perhaps I expect too much. The first year we went to the CoC, it was AWESOME!!!! The game part was forever long and through a huge and seemingly endless mansion. I think it took us around 30-45 minutes. It was wonderful!!!

This game, we were done in 7 minutes. The whole thing took place in four rooms. There was no sprawling maze, no endless mansions, just one hallway and four rooms for going to and fro. At the end, when we were facing the vampire, I actually thought: "clearly, we have lost, because here we are, facing the vampire, and we haven't even begun to play the game." No, no that was it. That was the end.

I mean, it was fun, and we had a great time, and the game was fun, but no where near $17 worth of fun, especially considering the first year was only $10. CoC has become highly commercialized. I don't think I shall be returning next year unless the price is free.

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