Thursday, October 30, 2008

October BAMC: Midnighters

October's Book a Month Challenge was Haunts. How delightful!!

I chose to read the Midnighter series by Scott Westerfeld. The first one is The Secret Hour, then Touching Darkness, and then Blue Noon. The books are about five teenagers living in Bixby Oklahoma who live 24 hours in the day just like the rest of us, but they also experience and extra 25th hour, right at midnight. This hour is full of danger, conspiracy and such. While the rest of the world is frozen for an hour, they are walking about like haunts, enjoying their world, fighting for their lives and searching for answers. Very Halloween-ish. The best book was the second book, Touching Darkness.
I was entirely absorbed by it. The sad thing I, the main character, Jessica, is supposed to be the central character and the most popular, but by the end of the second book I HATED HER!!!! I HOPE SHE DIES A PAINFUL AND HORRIBLE DEATH!!!!! My favorite is Des and Melissa. Even though they hate each other, they are both great.

Anyway, I found this great fan pic:
Very Halloween-ish. Jessica is the ugly red-head in front (don't you just hate her just from looking at her?) Des and Jonathen are to the right and Rex and Melissa are on the left.

I can't recommend these books. I enjoyed reading them but...I don't recommend them to anyone else.

Happy Halloween Eve!

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